François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice are actively involved in the renewal of street theatre and urban performances in Europe. They have been exploring machinery and objects in movement for twenty years. Their own creations are at the origin of their ideas on bringing art to the public.

François Delarozière

A graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Marseille, François Delarozière explores the theatrical universe in all its forms, particularly in the most monumental sense. As art director of the company La Machine, he has completed numerous projects both in terms of street theatre and urban development.

Creator of live performances

  • Long Ma Jing Shen - L’Esprit du Cheval Dragon (2014) is his last creation designed for the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations France-China, and played for the first time in Beijing,
  • Les Animaux de la Place (2012-2013): at the junction where street arts and urban planning meet within the framework of the rehabilitation of the Napoleon Place,
  • L’Expédition Végétale (2011) travels all over the world to collect plants and share the last discoveries in phytovoltaism to locals, first seen in Anvers and in a 2013 European tour as part of Green Capital,
  • Le dîner des petites mécaniques (2010) reinvents culinary arts with machines and small mechanisms, to handle with dexterity,
  • Les Mécaniques Savantes, stages a host of beastly machines composed of giant spiders and other mechanical creatures that face off in an urban setting, first in 2008, in Liverpool, the European Capital of Culture, then in Yokohama in Japan,
  • La Symphonie Mécanique, co-written with Mino Malan, combining the worlds of classical music and mechanical sounds (2004).
  • Le Grand Répertoire des Machines de Spectacle, exhibit/performance presented between 2003 and 2006 in Nantes, Calais, Toulouse, Antwerp, Marseille and Paris, which attracted more than 700,000 spectators.

Designer of monumental machines

  • In collaboration with Pierre Orefice: Les Machines de l’île,
  • Le Manège Carré Sénart (2008), after le Manège Magique, le Beau Manège and le Manège d’Andréa.

Collaborations and contributions

  • Large performing machines for street theatre and drama theatre companies. In particular, the Royal de Luxe company, 
  • With Patrick Bouchain, architectural renewal of Le Channel, national theatre of Calais.

For several years, François Delarozière has been teaching in the Scenography Department at the School of Architecture in Nantes. He also lectures at the Sorbonne with Alexandre Chemetoff, and at the Bartlett School Architecture in London.

Pierre Orefice

Pierre Orefice is the artistic director of the Manaus association, which creates and produces outdoor performances and events in urban spaces. He holds a masters in economics and attended Sciences Politiques in Paris.

From 1985 to 1998, he was the producer and administrator of Royal de Luxe, the street theatre company based in Nantes since 1989. He also directed the project Cargo 92. Le Cargo Melquiades-Ville de Nantes carried on board four French theatre companies - Royal de Luxe, Mano Négra, Philippe Découflé and Philippe Genty – and docked at eight ports in South America.

As artistic director of Manaus since its creation in 1999, he was hired by the city of Antwerp to orchestrate the 3rd millennium celebration on 31 December 1999 and by the city of Nantes for 31 December 2000. For Les Floralies 2004, he created the “Plant Harbor of Ile Feydeau”, an exhibit that created great deal of excitement in Nantes. The artists and engineers of Manaus have been staging the outdoor events and art installations for the State of Groland since 2001, in particular the outside entertainment for the international comics festival of Angoulême in 2004, where Groland was the guest country.

In 2009, during the Floralies in Nantes, he created the “Floating Gardens” on the Erdre river opposite the Prefecture, similar to his “Plant Harbour” on Ile Feydeau.
Since 2013, the year where Nantes was named European Green Capital, this installation has become permanent.

As co-author with François Delarozière of Les Machines de l’île, Pierre Orefice has devoted his time and energy to the project since 2002. On 1 July 2007, he became director of this new cultural and tourist attraction. He is the director of the Nefs and the art director of the Seasons of Les Machines: Printemps des Nefs, Été indien
aux Nefs and Noël aux Nefs.

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