Nantes Métropole, as owner of Les Machines de l’île, is the main funder of the project. This tourist and artistic attraction is part of the dynamic urban renewal project of the Ile de Nantes and is a major draw for the metropolitan area.

Nantes Métropole has delegated the cultural, technical and commercial management of the attraction to the Local Public Society Le Voyage à Nantes. Pierre Orefice is the director of the attraction, and more than 100 employees are involved in serving the public and operating the Machines.

Financing of the first phase

Total cost of the first phase: € 7.7 M

  • Artistic (Grand Éléphant and Galerie des Machines): € 5.2 M
  • Construction of the company La Machine workshop and the Galerie des Machines (rehabilitation of the warehouses not included): € 2.5 M

Financing shared by:

Nantes Métropole : 50.4 %

Logo régionPays de la Loire Region: 26.6 %

Union européenne   European Union: 23 %

Financing of the second phase

Total cost of the Carrousel des Mondes Marins’ project: 10 M€

  • Artistic: € 5.7 M
  • Shell and spatial planning: € 4.3 M

Financing shared by:

logo Nantes Métropole  Nantes Métropole: 36,5 %

Union européenne  European Union: 20 %

FNADT  French Government: 20 %

Logo Pays de la Loire Loire-Atlantique department: 13,5 %

Logo Pays de la LoirePays de la Loire region: 10 %

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