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Carefully maintained since its opening in 2012, the Carrousel des Mondes Marins was in good working order. However, being located in an area very exposed to bad weather, the anomalies identified were essentially corrosion points on certain metal elements and deterioration of the wood on the pediments and machinery. Automation equipment has also been overhauled.

The entire Machines de l’île team was mobilized. La Compagnie La Machine, Bertin Echaffaudages, Kaefer Wanner, Phil Expo, Spie, Cobati, Sixense and Dekra completed the system for carrying out this ten-year maintenance.

To minimize closing times, maintenance has been spread over three periods in 2021, 2022 then 2023. The most substantial work took place this year, since January 3, and ended on April 8 for a reopening on Saturday April 9.

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