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Grand Éléphant ride

Ticket sale for the same day.
Online booking available for some departures only

30-minutes trip (including boarding-landing).

Operation of the Grand Éléphant is subject to weather conditions (heavy rains and violent winds).

1 place per ride within the limit of the number of available places

non accessibles aux poussettesChiens non autorisés sauf chiens guides d’aveugles Except guide dogs


Galerie des Machines

Non-stop ticket sales and access, immediate entry.

Logo no strollerDisadvised - stroller park and baby carrier are available

Dogs not authorized except guide dogsExcept guide dogs

Carrousel des Mondes Marins ticket office

The Carrousel des Mondes Marins is operated according to two ways of functioning (fairground  or discovery modes) according to the periods.

It is an incredible mechanical aquarium that the visitors discover at their own pace.

Located on the banks of the Loire River, the Carrousel des Mondes Marins is subject to bad weather, as all faiground merry-go-rounds. The timetable for opening depends on weather conditions. In case of heavy rains or winds blowing up to 28 mph, the Carrousel is closed.

Apart from thunderstorms or sudden precipitations with strong winds, the decisions to close in the morning or in the afternoon or for two hours will be anticipated depending on weather forecast and on how the situation develops.


Wednesday afternoons from 14:00, every weekend and French school holidays

The tour cannot be reduced to a simple ride on a merry-go-round! It is a journey from the seabeds, the abyss to the surface of the sea. Beyond exploring an extraordinary world, you can also come aboard in the fairground mode.

People have access to the Carrousel with a ticket for a visit without mediation. There are two ways of exploring:


  • Exploration with a ride
    Access to the gangways and the possibility to come on board of one of the elements, on one of the three levels.


  •  Exploration without a ride
    Access to the gangways, no access to the elements, not to the rotating levels.


On Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, Thursdays and Fridays during French school terms.

It is an animated exploration of the Carrousel.

The machinists introduce the universe of the Marine Worlds from the seabeds to the surface of the sea and set some levels in motion. Visitors can not have access to the levels, nor to the elements.

non accessibles aux poussettesStroller park and baby carrier are available

Except guide dogs

Carrousel des Mondes Marins accessible.
In fairground mode: 2 accessible elements (people with reduced mobility).


Réservation de l'éléphant


Same day ticket sales, during the ticket office opening hours, within the limit of the available places.

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