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The gift-shop

Located under the prototype Branch of the Arbre aux Hérons, the gift shop offers a wide array of objects: drawings, books, posters, textiles, bags, metal boxes, notebooks, games, colouring books and souvenirs – all inspired by Les Machines de l’île. Most of them are originally designed creations, and exclusively available here.

A privileged space for passionate readers, the bookshop offers a various collection of books with themes like elephants, sea and nature conservation, architecture and sustainable development, the art of gardening, orchids, the machines used in theatre and film, novels and travel stories. For kids, the children’s section will give your little ones a taste for art books.

Our e-boutique allows you to continue shopping for its emblematic products.
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Gift-shop opening hours

From 02/07 to 01/09

7/7: 10:00am to 8:00pm