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Workshop terraces

In the street of the warehouses, head over to the workshop of the company La Machine’s terraces via the grand staircase.

Visitors with a ticket (Gallerie, Carrousel or Éléphant) can access workshop terraces.

From the belvederes, you will discover the workshop of the company La Machine and watch builders working in a universe of wood and steel. Their hands mould and create the fantastic creatures of Les Machines de l’île,
as well as the company’s own projects.

A 14-minutes film, realized by Dominique Deluze, describing the entire adventure of Les Machines de l’île is shown on one of the terraces.

The company La Machine is a street theatre company born in 1999 and directed by François Delaroziere. Alongside the Machines de l’île project, the company also develops and creates many street performances: Les Mécaniques Savantes, Le Dîner des petites mécaniques, L’Expédition végétale, Long Ma Jing Shen – L’esprit du Cheval dragon…

With its interventions in the public space, the company La Machine takes part in the connection between urban and cultural development. Through each one of its living architecture, it is a matter of dreaming the cities of tomorrow and transforming the look we take on our cities.

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