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The Herons’ Tree

The crowdfunding for the Heron Tree

Les Machines de l’île, are launching a crowdfunding campaign for the Heron Tree Project, the most ambitious project ever undertaken by Les Machines de l’île and the Co La Machine. A giant and interactive sculpture made of steel, more than 50m(165ft) in diameter and 30m(100ft) high at the heart of an extraordinary garden!

The visitors of Les Machines de l’île come from all over the world to Nantes to discover our creations… The 4 years required to build the Heron Tree are a technological, artistic and industrial challenge.

The crowdfunding campaign was a huge success!

Thanks to you we have gathered 373 525€ over the 7 weeks of our campaign!

Thank you to the 5511 friends of the Herons’ Tree! This campaign is now over, but many of you still want to support the project.

Contact us to do so: participer@arbreauxherons.fr

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