Every autumn, special programs have been scheduled to keep pace with the seasons.

This is the second programming cycle, from the end of September to the beginning of November, which are often the most beautiful days of the year in Nantes… the Indian summer.

These events take place in an exceptional location. The transparency of the roofs and the complete opening of the spaces let the setting sun flood the Warehouses.

The concerts start in this light and the stage slowly lights up when the night falls. This light shifting is one of the particularities of this place.

The Warehouses can house more than 4000 people for a concert. Conviviality and a public square atmosphere mark these evenings.

It’s possible to create intimate spaces for theatre, dance or circus performances with benches and access control, to set up a cabaret with a dance floor or to open up the whole area for a great concert.

An outer tent, built against the Warehouses, ensures a circus program each year.

The programs feature family fun, outdoor performances and street theatre. They include all types of live performances: theatre, music, dance, circus, children’s shows and visual arts.

The events are free or inexpensive, and given the evocative nature of the location and the highly accomplished international and local artists invited to perform, these programs have been a success with visitors of all ages and walks of life. Several thousand people attend the events each season.

Past Programming

2017 (22 septembre - 20 octobre)
Nuits électro en partenariat avec Scopitone, La femme canon du Théâtre des Cerises, projection Les Ogres de Léa Fehner, Martin Solveig et Feder en partenariat avec Fun Radio, 47SOUL et El Juntacadaveres.

2016 (23 septembre - 29 octobre)
Nuits électro en partenariat avec Scopitone, Ludy and the scars, Taho, DJmawi Africa, Tommy de ken Russell, Success, Demain de Cyril Dion et Mélanie Laurent, Walko, Jaribu Afrobeat Arkestra, The Bandwagon Swing Orchestra en partenariat avec Nant-in-swing, Kamyon de Michael de Cock et le festival Namasté France.

Flyer Été Indien 20152015 (18 septembre - 23 octobre)

Klaxon avec la Compagnie Akoreacro / Alain Reynaud, Melodule, Ikaz Boi, Foreign Diplomats, Dtwice, Fabrique on ! xs VS XL, Projection The harder they come suivie d’un concert de Hollie Cook, Elida Almeida, Moon Gogo, Nina Attal, Bluesy trip.

Eté indien 20142014 (19 septembre - 9 novembre)

Un Chapeau de paille d'Italie par théâtre Icare, This is spinal tap, Crimson Daze, Catfish, Orkesta Mendoza, Tabou par François Ripoche, Anne Sila, Ballet Manchot par Le Cubitus du Manchot, Folie par Sweatlodge

Eté indien aux Nefs 20132013 (20 septembre - 25 octobre)

Vitalic VTLZR & Superpoze, Sexy Sushi, La Femme et Carbon Airways, Chloé Moglia "Rhizikon", Hutchinson & Bloom, We got cactus tour, Federico Pellegrini & E’Joung-Ju, Dead Man de Jim Jarmusch et Forever Young, After the bees.

 Noel aux Nefs 20122012 (28 septembre - 11 novembre)

Geumhyung Jeong, Emma la clown, Fundaciòn Collado-van Hoestenberghe, Kel Assouf, Aïcha Lebaâ, Anne-Sybille Couvert, Mobil Casbah.

2011 (24 september-22 october)

Spot, Grubic’s Cube, Fatima Tabaamrant, Bart Peeters et les Belges, Triana Park.

2010 (24 september-22 october)

Christiane F, L’homme sans bras du Théâtre des Cerises, Tango mío de Cie Dans & +, Junkies, Cedry2k et Silent Strike, Hot Club des frères André, Slobodan Experiment.

2009 (18 september-24 october)

Agoria vs Oxia, Al Jawala, Gainsbourg avant Gainsbarre, Shahkilid, Malick Pathe Sow, Claude Turner, Drive in experience.

2008 (19 september-29 november)

Gong Gong et Etienne de Crecy, Dajla, Tribeqa, Les Cousins, Acrobat, French Cowboy, Golden Boots et Solace Bros, Secreto Cubano, Parallèles et bipedes de Maboul Distorsion.

2007 (21 septembre-4 novembre)

Sayag Jazz machine et Apparat Band, The Dead 60’S et Fake Fang, La Jurassienne de réparation de Théâtre Group, Maalesh, Djama, Le Palais Nibo de Les Têtes en l’air.


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