Maintenance du Grand Éléphant

Du 6 novembre 2017 au 9 février 2018 inclus, le Grand Eléphant n’effectuera pas de voyages. Réouverture samedi 10 février 2018. En savoir plus

When this majestic animal goes out for a walk, it is like architecture in motion leaving a steel cathedral.

50 passengers can embark on an amazing journey.

Once aboard, you will see the moving gears that power the legs. A machinist will tell you stories about the elephant and have it blast its trunk for your pleasure.

Being on the back of the Grand Éléphant is like being on the 4th floor of a travelling house, with a breathtaking view of the former shipyards.

The Grand Éléphant makes the connection between the Carrousel des Mondes Marins and the Warehouses where the workshop and the Galerie des Machines, centre of the artistic proposal of the Machines de l’île, are located.


  • 12 m (40ft.) high, 8 m (26 ft.) wide and 21 m (70 ft.) long
  • 48,4metric tons of steel and wood (Tulip poplar)
  • Metal body lubricated with 2,000 litres (530 gallons) of hydraulic oil
  • 450 HP motor
  • An indoor lounge with French doors and balconies
  • A terrace accessible via a stairway
  • 3 different routes: approximately 30 minutes
  • Speed 1 to 3 km/h
  • Set in motion using 62 cylinders, 46of which are hydraulic, 6 pneumatic and 10 gas-powered.

Logo no strollerStroller park and baby carrier are available

Chiens non autorisés sauf chiens guides d’aveuglesExcept guide dogs

Accessible to disabled 1 place per ride, within the limits of the available places


Operation of the Grand Éléphant is subject to weather conditions (heavy rains and violent winds).

Réservation de l'éléphant


Le Grand Éléphant -  © Jean-Dominique Billaud Le Grand Éléphant -  © Jean-Dominique Billaud Le Grand Éléphant - © Jean-Dominique Billaud Le Grand Éléphant - © Jean-Dominique Billaud



From 5,50 € to 8,50 €

Each ticket gives access to the workshop terraces of the company La Machine and the Prototype Branch.

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