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Safeguard the elephants

A century from now, for our Grand Éléphant to not be the last one on earth, we have decided with your help to support the non-profit ngo
Des Éléphants & Des Hommes.

Les Machines de l’île and their visitors pledge to help an active project in asia or africa join us in our action by rounding up to the nearest euro at the ticket offices.

This French NGO, has been working since 2003 in Africa and Asia to safeguard elephants and to preserve their natural habitats. Improving humans-elephants coexistence is at the heart of their actions.
Their approach is to help develop a positive economy for elephants and their habitats, particularly through the emergence of ecotourism.

With that in mind they are developing the Elephant Watching Network initiative, introducing environmental education for school children in the countries where elephants still live in the wild, in Africa and in Asia.

The NGO Des Éléphants & des Hommes preaches long lasting investments to its onsite field partners. Its approach is to take decisive actions, on a human scale.
the first country chosen is Laos: known as the Kingdom of a Million elephants, today there are less than 800 to survive! The Elephant Conservation Center, located in Sayaboury in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, acts to preserve and protect the Asian elephant, a species that is on its way to extinction. Created in 2011 by a team of experts, its program is set up around the wellbeing of the animal, the reproduction, vet care, and the schooling of mahouts.

From 2018 to 2020, we will support the nursery and the Center’s efforts for safeguard of wild elephants in Laos. For next 3 years, an African country will be chosen.

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